21st Real Estate
Real estate. Real digital. Real deals. Automated real estate trading.

21st Real Estate LLC (21RE) is a Berlin-based PropTech company which digitizes the investment processes in the real estate sector. We convert Big Data into nationwide property market indicators as the basis for innovative products and IT services.
The result is our core product: the first real estate online trading terminal. (see picture in our e-mail).

21RE owns exclusively a unique valuation tool, developed in over 10 man years. This tool transforms real estate (RE) data into financial data: IFRS/HRB balance sheets, cash flow and profit & loss for next 10 years. To visualize this data and help our customer within their decisions, our system creates an investment plan with up to 40 KPIs like IRR, FFO, etc.

21RE owns unique local and prediction data. We’re using micro-/ macro-data, trends & forecasts, real tenant data for single objects up to a level of disaggregation of 200x200m as basis for our big data analytics. This results in approx. 1.5 million complex, interacting data tiles with which comparisons, price effects and trends can be displayed with a precision almost down to the individual block of houses. For an easy but precise estimation of areas, we’ve bought the exclusive rights for the innovative PotentialSpaces Scores technology.

21RE automates processes. This includes the valuation of single objects as well as entire portfolios, the handling of broker´s first record acknowledgements and the deal status of the transaction.

21RE has a unique team of founders with over 150 years of professional know-how, including Joachim Schoss, Petr Bradatsch and George Salden. They gain the company access to high profile investors and networks of potential customers.

21REs core-team consists of the founding members of Immobilienscout24, transaction managers with years of experience and an internationally renowned team of real estate economists and data analysts.


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