The best parking solution for facilities with an own parking lot.
Smart. Safe. Simple.
  Graz ,  Austria

2017 | Startup Stage


Smart, safe, simple parking solutions for every enterprise with their own parking lot. The first ever software solution to integrate a great welcoming visitor management and parking lot optimization.
Arivo turns simple company parking lots into cash cows. In addition to this Arivo makes your clients happier and your facility a much safer place.

How does it work?
Your employee sends an invitation to a guest from inside Outlook. The guest receives an email with all the information they need for the appointment. When the visitor arrives at the gate of the company parking lot, the guest simply pulls up the invitation on the smartphone and opens the gate with one click. Your employee is informed of the arrival and both the employee and guest are ready for a productiv meeting.

This is just one of the useful features of Arivo and the many others are just as smart.


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