Die AM Plattform für effizientes Datenmanagement und Transaktionen in Echtzeit, so einfach wie eine Schlüsselübergabe
  Wuppertal ,  Germany

2017 | Seed Stage


docunite® provides the digital identity for real estate assets to bridge the gap between owners, asset managers and investors, standardize data management and processes, increase data quality and transparency, speed up due diligence and transactions and build the foundation of a highly efficient usage of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

Years of expirience in supporting many complex real estate transactions and the occuring efforts aroused our passion for docunite, a solution to unite the whole documentation for real estate assets within one platform, to make even extensive transactions as simple as handing over a key.

All relevant documents and information will be assigned to a digital twin of the real estate asset to supersede expensive data transfers, individual document management and simplify management, due diligence and transaction processes.