Office App
We are on a mission to provide professionals the solutions to create a happy office life.
  Amsterdam ,  Netherlands

2015 | Expansion Stage


At Office App, we optimize working environments. Why? Because we’re on a mission to create a Happy Office Life for everyone. With our awesome tenant experience platform, we’re disrupting & transforming the traditional real estate market.

Offices should be a place where people can connect, get inspired and reach their full potential. We created an app that digitally transforms workspaces to offer the best possible experience to its tenants and to give them access to the tools & services they need. To empower people, free their time and provide them with a Happy Office Life.

Being extremely user centric, we develop and design our product and organization based on client feedback, data and trends. This approach has led to Office App working with major corporate customers in tech, finance and telecom, and the top tier commercial real estate companies worldwide.

Revolutionizing the way workspaces are used, managed, experienced and built.


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