Parking Energy
Massively scalable EV Infrastructure Solutions as a Service for real estate to meet EPB Directive

Parking Energy designs, builds and operates the world's largest electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructures for leading cities, commercial and private property owners and parking operators.

We charge EV’s when they are stationary for long periods enabling ALL parking bays, integrate intelligent EV charging with other in-building energy systems and provide flexible cloud based energy management and billing solutions .

Parking Energy offers whole value chain as a one integrated service, resulting in reliability, affordability and seamless user experience.

From a building technology and installation point our unique QuickConnector concept allows cabling to be considered separately from the active charging points. In practise this means property owners and building companies can plan the required cabling, energy supply and additional components independent of the EV chargers, resulting in more holistic, future proof and cost effective implementation where all (or suitable number of) parking bays are "EV ready" as per the EBP directive (cabled, connected with adequate supply).

As the property owner is often different to the actual tenant/occupier minimising investment (CAPEX) and offering a 20+ year future proof environment is of paramount importance for them. We can then provide the active "plug-and-play" EV chargers as a service to the tenant company, organisation or individuals at a low monthly fee guaranteeing service levels. This allow flexible and future proof expansion of the system as well as very easy building maintenance with minimal disruption to the building's normal operation.