We tell you where to invest to maximize the ROI for your property portfolio.
  Helsinki ,  Finland

2015 | Growth Stage


SkenarioLabs is a three-year-old Finnish startup providing predictive data-analytics for big property owners, managers, funds (property asset managers), financial institutes in the Nordics and in UK at the moment. Basically, our service utilizes AI driven data-analytics to provide reliable & detailed technical surveys for big property stocks and gives smart investment plans to predictively manage technical risks and maximize the value of each property/property unit. Our analytics digitize technical surveys and tell property owners in detail which state their properties are, how they should manage them and where should they invest to get the best ROI for their portfolio / objectives. Our analytics are also used by financial institutes to determine standardized fair value projections for RRE & CRE. Our unfair advantage is that we are the only company that can reliably extract the effect of technical risk to the fair market value.


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