Tellus Title Company
Real Estate Decentralized

At Tellus Title Company we have designed a new approach to real estate utilizing Blockchain technology to securely record and transfer title to real estate. At Tellus Title Company we have the right team, the right idea, at the right time. Innovation in the Real Estate Industry needs to start at the most basic level and from there it can ripple into the rest of the ecosystem. That is why a tech company became a title company and developed the Tellus Blockchain. With the evolution of Blockchain technology we are bringing the latest advancements in technology and have created a specific Real Estate Blockchain. Our founder developed the concept of a Geo-Coded Blockchain Protocol (with an integrated universal property identifier system) in March of 2016. Relentlessly refining the concept over the next year he began working on the patent application which was filed in August of 2017. With the patent application filed public disclosure began of the invention to select advisors and a white paper is currently under peer review. Working with world class blockchain engineers, a proof of concept is currently under development.

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